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In Focus
Rigid-Flex Circuits Make Medical Application User Friendly

Vulcan Electric has a developed a set of Rigid-Flex Circuit Interconnect Assemblies using Black Kapton™ to solve a unique medical application. A need to interconnect a large amount of electronics ‐ including brain sensors ‐ and maintain signal integrity in a light-weight, flexible and aesthetically pleasing design was the challenge. The system designed to be placed over a patients head needed to be non-invasive and provide the customer the ability to test sub-systems together and then everything as a top assembly. Vulcan Electric Engineers, working closely with the customers engineers and scientists developed a set of six complex Rigid-Flex Circuit Interconnect Assemblies to accomplish the task. The use of Black Kapton™ for flex section cover layers gave the system, and the customer, a pleasing aesthetic.

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Vulcan Electric Company: Providing Next Generation Flexible Circuits and Thermal Solutions

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Vulcan Electric Company delivers cutting-edge flexible circuits and innovative thermal solutions for different types of process and industrial heating applications. Our wide array of thermal products, flexible circuit products, thermal services and flexible circuit solutions are suitable for use in different applications or can be specially engineered to address your specific requirements.

A result of years of engineering experience, resources and manufacturing capabilities, our products and services serve the needs of various industries, from aerospace, to medical, to packaging. Our Flexible Circuits Division offers a wide variety of advanced electronics solutions, from single-layer jumpers to rigid-flex circuit boards. Our Thermal Solutions division is among the few in the industry that manufactures a full range of metal-sheathed heaters, temperature sensors, and temperature control products.

We help our clients take the next step in innovation by providing quality products and services. Having been in the industry for over 80 years, we constantly aim to provide next generation solutions to allow ideas to take flight.