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  • Best way to keep circulating fluid hot
  • Outputs from <100W to >100 KW
  • Offered in many sizes, configurations and sheath materials

Product OverviewFeaturesApplications

Vulcan Circulation Heaters are offered in a variety of wattage outputs and sizes. Standard units range from compact miniature water heaters with less than 100 watts of output to large 14" pipe style units that provide in excess of 100 kilowatts. Many Circulation Heaters incorporate standard Bushing and Flanged heaters for direct retrofit.

Product OverviewFeaturesApplications
  • Rugged Tubular heating element construction including compacted magnesium oxide and nickel chromium wire
  • Steel, copper, stainless, and nickel alloy sheath material selections for a wide range of application environments
  • Steel and stainless steel circulation vessel construction options with compatible inlet and outlet fittings
  • Circulation vessels sizes up to 14" pipe size and 300 pound rating
  • General purpose, moisture resistant, and explosion resistant terminal housing options
  • Integral or remote thermostat temperature controls are available
  • Many catalog wattage, voltage, and length combinations
  • Standard and custom options
  • Armorwall explosion resistant construction available for hazardous or abusive environments
Product OverviewFeaturesApplications
  • On-Demand Hot Water Systems
  • Heat Transfer Systems
  • Oil and Chemical Processing
  • Boiler and Hot Water Equipment
  • Large Industrial Processes


Our Thermal Solutions qualifications include:
  • ISO
  • UL
  • CSA
and more

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