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Air Process

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  • For air and gas heating applications to 1100 °F
  • Built-in terminal housing for easy hookup
  • Available in a variety of wattages and voltages

Product OverviewFeaturesApplications

Vulcan Air Process Heaters offer flexibility for numerous air and gas applications up to 1100 °F (593 °C) depending on model. Assemblies are available for direct insertion into existing duct work or as standalone flow-through tube exchangers. All units utilize Vulcan component heating elements or subassemblies.

Product OverviewFeaturesApplications
  • High Temperature Duct Heater models incorporate rugged framework and mounting flange for bolt-in mounting
  • Nickel alloy tubular component heaters are used on all High Temperature Duct Heaters
  • All models include a terminal housing to facilitate wiring hook-up and protection
  • Flow-Through Models incorporate a 1-1/4" diameter stainless steel exchanger tube with stainless steel connection fittings
  • Several wattage and voltage combinations are available
Product OverviewFeaturesApplications
  • Forced Air drying
  • Temperature boosting
  • Heat treating
  • Curing
  • Spot heating


Our Thermal Solutions qualifications include:
  • ISO
  • UL
  • CSA
and more

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