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Thermal Solutions


We offer comprehensive refurbishment services for used Profile Thermocouples. The high costs associated with a completely new precious metal thermocouple make this an attractive cost effective approach. Although many components and materials will deteriorate or break during normal operation, through a combination of test and evaluation we are often able to salvage component materials. Many thermocouple assemblies can be re-built to like new condition.

All components, including ceramics, wire, quartz (GE 214), and hardware are in accordance to the specifications of OEM furnace manufacturer such as; TEL, Kokusai, ASM, Axcelis, and BTI.

Vulcan's Quality program ensures that your Profile Thermocouple is thoroughly inspected and tested during every step the refurbish and calibration service. A typical process is as follows:

  • Junctions and connectors are electronically verified for conductivity, integrity, and attachment to the wiring
  • Wire is specially annealed which eliminates calibration errors caused by stress or strain.
  • Wire is evaluated at high temperature for any in-homogeneity or contamination
  • Length, diameter, and configuration of all ceramic parts are examined and documented
  • The precise location of each measuring junction is verified
  • Components are replaced with new where required
  • Tests are conducted to ensure thermocouple meets all original specifications and will give repeatable accurate results when placed back into service
  • A calibration report is provided with results traceable to NIST and conforming to current national and international specifications and criteria

We provide a cost estimate in advance of any work. Depending on the estimated cost, you can decide whether to proceed or use a precious metal credit towards a new assembly.


Our Thermal Solutions qualifications include:
  • ISO
  • UL
  • CSA
and more

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