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News Announcements

Vulcan Electric Company - Thermal Division acquires Helium Leak Detector

Porter, Maine, January 9, 2009 - Vulcan Electric Company -Thermal Division has acquired and put into service an Alcatel ASM142 Helium Leak Detector. This state-of-the-art, fully automatic equipment provides advanced leak detection capabilities for ultra-high temperature thermocouples that are back-filled with inert gas and sealed. Vulcan thermocouples of this construction type often include vacuum feed-thru's and flanges for application into vacuum or atmospheric furnaces that are used in critical process applications such as crystal growth and advanced ceramics.

With the capability of detecting minimum helium leaks of 1.10-11 atm. cc/s, Vulcan can ensure superior end seal integrity and the detection of micro-cracks in other thermocouple materials such as the sheath. The enhanced leak testing process eliminates premature thermocouple failure attributed to undetected leaks using other test methods that are often employed in the thermocouple industry.

This new technology is an important addition to Vulcan's temperature sensor capabilities and compliments an already extensive array of production, in-house test, and calibration equipment that is vital to our commitment to services and quality.

About Vulcan

Vulcan Electric Company (www.vulcanelectric.com) designs and manufactures flexible & rigid-flex circuits and thermal products including heaters, controls, sensors and calibration services to the defense, aerospace, semiconductor, medical and commercial markets.


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