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News Announcements


Vulcan Electric Company Acquires General Measurement Co., Inc.

Salem, New Hampshire, January 30, 2003 - Vulcan Electric Company today announced that it has completed the acquisition of New Hampshire based sensor manufacturer, General Measurement Co., Inc.

General, based in Salem, New Hampshire is a designer, manufacturer, calibrator and repairer of precision temperature sensors with significant experience in semiconductor and ultra high-temperature applications.

"The acquisition of General brings to Vulcan over 50 years of experience and the capability to design, manufacture, calibrate and repair precision thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors and thermistors," stated Michael Quick, Vulcan's President & CEO. "This acquisition represents Vulcan's commitment to building customer value by expanding our resources in thermal products and systems". "Having not only the ability to design and manufacture but to repair and recalibrate is a very valuable proposition to our customers".

Vulcan Electric Company is a 75 year old designer and manufacturer of industrial and commercial electric heating elements, temperature controls and complete thermal systems.


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