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News Announcements

Vulcan Electric Company Introduces Vulcanite 1000 Temperature Sensors

Porter, Maine, August 8, 2011 - Vulcan Electric Company introduces its most advanced base metal thermocouple technology for Thin Film Photovoltaic manufacturing processes. Our new Vulcanite 1000 Series thermocouples out performs and out lasts conventional thermocouple technologies currently used in Thin Film C.I.G.S. and similar photovoltaic applications by a factor of 2:1 or greater. Our proprietary Thermocouple design and technology, already in use at the world's largest Thin Film C.I.G.S. manufacturers, provides superior thermocouple durability and performance.  Higher throughput efficiency and significantly less down time translate into measurable cost savings. These versatile thermocouples are available in many standard and custom options including bendable sheaths and preformed configurations.

“The addition of the Vulcanite 1000 series Thermocouples to the Vulcan Temperature Sensor portfolio provides us with a significant advantage over competitive technologies in system critical applications such as Thin Film C.I.G.S. manufacturing”, adds Chris Gauthier, Business Development Manager. 

Vulcan Electric Company's Thermal Division designs and manufactures electric heaters, temperature controls & sensors and provides other engineering & calibration services to various demanding industries, such as aerospace, semiconductor, medical and the alternative energy markets. Visit http://www.vulcanelectric.com or contact (207) 625-3231 to learn more about the range of products and services the company offers.

About Vulcan Electric Company

Headquartered in Porter, Maine, Vulcan Electric Company has been providing flexible circuit products and thermal solutions to companies across diverse industries for over 80 years. The company is a veteran in the heating industry and has developed and acquired numerous new technologies over the years to deliver total engineered solutions. Visit http://www.vulcanelectric.com or call (207) 625-3231 for more details about the company.    

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