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News Announcements

Porter, ME, January 27, 2014- Vulcan Electric is pleased to announce the successful completion of Underwriter Labs (UL) certification of its Vulcan Flex etched foil line of Polyimide Flexible Heaters.  The UL certification of the Vulcan Flex Heaters are covered under UL Component Recognition category KSOT2 and include evaluation under UL standard 499 with additional UL recognition for Canada based on CSA standard C22.2.  The Underwriters Labs certification achieved by Vulcan allows for several construction options such as the integration of sensors including Thermistors, RTDs, and Thermocouples.

“The Underwriters Labs recognition of our Polyimide Flexible Heaters, in addition to our many other third party qualifications, provide engineers and manufactures a greater confidence level in the selection and use of Vulcan Electric products and services” said Normand Sirois, President of Vulcan Electric.

The Vulcan Flexible Heaters are available in a wide range of square, rectangular, and circular configurations in an extensive combination of sizes and ratings.  The versatility of the Flexible Heaters allows for easy mounting and integration into many application assemblies particularly where space and weight are critical. A matrix of pre-configured catalog Polyimide Flexible Heaters can be viewed on Vulcan Electric's website at www.vulcanelectric.com

About Vulcan Electric Company  

Headquartered in Porter, Maine, Vulcan Electric Company has been providing thermal solutions to companies across diverse industries for over 80 years. The company is a veteran in the heating industry and has developed and acquired numerous new technologies over the years to deliver total engineered solutions. Visit http://www.vulcanelectric.com or call (207) 625-3231 for more details about the company.

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