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News Announcements


Vulcan Electric Company announces a $32,500 gift to The Jackson Laboratory

Porter, Maine, October 4, 2004 - Vulcan Electric Company based in Porter, Maine, recently announced a $32,500 gift to The Jackson Laboratory in the form of a special mouse caging rack designed by Lab Products, Inc., called a Super Mouse Micro-Isolator(TM).

Recently delivered to the Laboratory, the Super Mouse Micro-Isolator(TM) is designed to protect mice from environmental contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. Acting as a barrier to the outside environment, it will aid Jackson researchers in pursuing future projects requiring that mice be housed under specifically controlled parameters. The Super Mouse Micro-Isolator(TM) will not only protect the mice studied, but will also help to ensure the quality of future experimental data.

"This gift from Vulcan Electric has many potential uses at The Jackson Laboratory and will likely support the functions of both our principal investigators and our diagnostic services research and development group. We are most grateful to Vulcan Electric for this contribution to our future research," said Doug Crowell, manager of the Laboratory's Research Animal Facility.

As a fellow Maine-based organization founded in the 1920s, Vulcan Electric decided to offer this gift to recognize The Jackson Laboratory's 75-year commitment to research, resources, and education. Stan Haupt, group vice president at Vulcan Electric, is pleased that the company could play a part in supporting The Jackson Laboratory's future research endeavors.

With more than 1,300 employees and an FY05 operating budget of $130.1 million, the nonprofit, 75-year-old Jackson Laboratory is one of Maine's largest employers. Its research staff of more than 350 investigates the genetic basis of cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, glaucoma, diabetes, and many other human diseases and disorders. The Laboratory is also home of the Mouse Genome Database and many other publicly available information resources, and is also an international hub for scientific courses, conferences, training and education-including programs for Maine high school, college, and graduate students.

Since 1927 the Vulcan Electric Company has served the process and industrial heating equipment markets. Today they design and manufacture an extensive line of electric heating elements, controls, sensors, and thermal assemblies.


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