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News Announcements

Porter, ME, June 5, 2015- Vulcan Electric has recently released an expanded offering of application specific precision Temperature Sensors for use in many critical temperature processes. The new sensor products  are presented on Vulcan Electric’s website, www.vulcanelectric.com,  in a wide range of configurations, standard features and customizable options.

The temperature sensors represent many years of application experience in process industries where robust, precision temperature measurement is required including Semiconductor Fabrication, Powergen, and High Vacuum processes.    

“The new temperature sensor products and services presented on our website, will allow engineers, technicians, and buyers to more easily select or identify products specific to their applications” said Normand Sirois, President of Vulcan Electric. “This expanded temperature sensors offering reflects Vulcan Electric’s continued commitment to share our experience and provide value engineered solutions based on our many years serving numerous critical process industries.

About Vulcan Electric Company

Headquartered in Porter, Maine, Vulcan Electric Company has been providing thermal solutions to companies across diverse industries for over 80 years. The company is a veteran in the heating industry and has developed and acquired numerous new technologies over the years to deliver total engineered solutions. Visit http://www.vulcanelectric.com or call (207) 625-3231 for more details about the company.

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